Model S Freakout

Was working from home today when the wife asked if I wanted to join her for lunch at a nearby shopping centre. It helped that she sent me a shot of a Tesla Model S on display.

Before the phone hit the ground…

Road Runner

That’s me in the distance….

Arriving out of breath, perhaps having broken several land speed records, I got a glimpse of it, and it was a P90D! Not the first Tesla I’ve seen in the wild, but definitely the first stationary one I’ve been this close to.


I took the time to walk around the car, introduce myself to the Tesla staff on hand, announcing my status as a Powerwall owner. They were excited to meet me, but not nearly as excited as I was just to be near it.


After examining it from all angles, I eased myself into the sweet, sweet luxury of The Magical Space Car for the first time.

model s

Oh man… if I was a smoker, I’d suggest a cigarette was in order…

I make no apologies for any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors here, BTW. I’m too excited to care.

I played with the massive touch screen for a little while, pressed all the buttons, and also took time to check the back seat for room.

Only thing I’d have to criticise is the rear head room was a bit tight if I sat up dead straight and tipped my head back. No complaints about seat comfort though. And that body work… mmmmmm…


This model had a few upgrades that one can’t experience while it is immobile in a shopping centre. The base model shares a lot of the same interior features of course. Just a shame even at basic RRP here in Australia (starting around AUD$130K), it will remain out of my price range.

But it was great just to hang around for 10 minutes and discuss the car, the opportunities, the upcoming Model 3, and charging infrastructure.

I also got in a quick plug for this site, as well as people like Matt, who has driven his Model S from Perth to Sydney, and will continue on to Brisbane.

He’s practically the Silver Surfer, but using a car instead of a surf board.

After about 15 minutes of geeking out, talking to the Tesla staff, and answering questions for other customers when things got busy, I sadly had to leave.

I was going to put a deposit down for a Model 3 at launch, to replace my wife’s car. Around the same time, she picked up a job with a car as part of the package so that plan went on the back burner.

I figured, since it was a Ford Fiesta with a very efficient engine, it was at least part way to the green aspiration I have of an electric vehicle.

One day, Elon… one day…

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