System Specs

A few people have asked me about the system specs, so I thought it would be easier to stick it all here.

If you have any questions I’ve not answered, please shoot them through on Twitter. I’ll reply there, and/or update this page as well as regular blog entries.

As installed by Natural Solar, the solar hybrid system consists of the following:

  • Phono Solar 250W panels x 20
  • SolarEdge P300 Power Optimisers
  • SolarEdge SE5000 inverter
  • StorEdge Battery management
  • Tesla Powerwall Daily 6.4kWh model
  • Reposit Power system controller

    Solar Panels
    Orientation of panels from aerial photography – top of page is north

As you can see from the aerial photography, the panels are oriented toward the northwest. They are approx 25o west of north as Google Maps represents it, so almost exactly NNW.

With the layout of my roof having a few interesting ridges, setting the panels in two banks like this gave the best option for longest generation period. The western roof area will shade the eastern bank, but only in the late afternoon/evening in summer. With the power optimisers in place, the effect on power generation is minimal.

One of the big questions is always about install cost. As published in various articles, was $15,990 (Australian Dollars) out of pocket i.e. inclusive of all government subsidies available in New South Wales. Your quote with Natural Solar will obviously depend on your own circumstances.

In addition to all the equipment and installation, I get a 25 year warranty for the panels, a 12 year warranty for workmanship, and the 10 year warranty for Tesla Powerwall.

This figure does not include the cost of the Reposit hardware, which I choose to conceal at this time. It isn’t anything sinister or hideously expensive, I just don’t believe in putting a commercial marker under technology that is still growing.

You can also see a little black speck just to the south-east of the western panels – that is my Solar Star RM1200 extractor fan, installed by Daylight Designs in Wetherill Park. Nice low profile, and runs on sunlight. Very handy in summer when the roof space heats up, or on those fresh winter days to stop moisture build up.

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